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Where community and self-Rewilding occur daily.

Welcome to IamRewilding

I help men, women and young adults ReWild in relationships with themselves, where they feel present and at peace within their life experience and yes… Wild and Free!

We are here to discover who we are and fully embrace and become our unique and authentic nature. This IamReWilding Movement is going to not only going to help you rewild, it will create a ripple of peace within you; it will also create a ripple, a wave, a tsunami of peace within our communities, the earth and the world.

I help you return to your heart and soul to find direction, purpose and play with simple strategies and tools to reconnect you to your primal intelligence. This innate resource within the body, where you can playfully pursue a relationship with yourself, come to an acceptance of all that has been and reclaim love for who you are today.

I have realized the key to life is to find peace in the storms, for it is here our pivot, shift, and direction become clear.

Together our community members become empowered, inspired and devoted to becoming more and more self-responsible daily as they learn through the ReWilding system, programs, courses, retreats, one-on-one guidance sessions, group ReWilding experiences, blogs, writing and more.

The power of our ReWilding community lies in the shared journey, stories, struggles, triumphs and the realization that there is a collective goal within the human heart… to reclaim peace in self and community. Many join this movement, my programs and our community because of the accountability of a collective journey and pursuit. Here we have meaningful conversations and grow in relationship with ourselves and others; we unite, learn, grow and become wild together.

Let me tell you about the IamReWilding Movement

The IamReWilding Movement is a process and journey for men, women and youth to unite and be guided on a daily journey to reclaim their wild nature. The nature where they are wild and free, calm and clear, present and wise, hopeful and courageous, and daily diligently show up to love, honour and respect themselves.

This is a commitment to a daily practice of returning to a calm, clear and present state while navigating the human experience in the city and the storms of life. I guide our community on a path to ReWild in relationship with self; it involves daily rituals, practices and tools that are gradually given over a year or over a lifetime. It’s a continuous journey that will initiate and develop the character and virtue to become your authentic and unique self.

Just like a tree, there is not one the same. This is a self-liberated, self-love journey. It will be beautiful and enduring and will take you on a path that will take diligence, daily devotion and dedication to become self-fascinated and responsible for your own self-actualization.

Where could you be a year from today if you start to live life with more awareness, intention and devotion to self-discovery and fascination? If you really treated yourself with love, respect and honour? What will it cost you or your family if you do not choose to ReWild and remember who you are, why you are here, and become the lightest, brightest and most reverent expression of yourself?

We are not here to travel alone, we are here to be in packs and communities. To connect on a deeper and more authentic level. This a self-liberation path, and others will be with you, a solo and collective journey. This path will bring everyone back home to peace, love and gratitude within their own company.

It will be a playful pursuit that will also stretch you, challenge you and liberate you to take action in your life. To claim the joy, peace, vitality, and life of your dreams.

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Message from the founder

Every day I feel gratitude and appreciation for the journey I have had. Even the abuse, shame, sadness, pain, and betrayal… for all have built me and genuinely have built this platform. I was able to forgive and liberate myself from the sadness and grief and come into a keen obsession with who I was, why I was here, and how I could be of service. After 18 years in the health care industry, a Multidimensional Therapist, and a wise soul built from living life, I developed The Elemental Being and Athlete Platform and now the IamReWilding Movement. Where I help men, women and young adults rewild daily with a system to support them on their path of self-fascination and responsibility. I realized a long time ago all heartled decisions come from a place of peace and trust, I found my way with practices to help me claim peace in the storms of life. I now help all that join my programs, community, courses, and experiences claim peace through practices and tools. From here, they can choose their direction and take action to claim peace, vitality, wealth and more play in their day-to-day life.

To be wild is to be free in the mind, soul and spirit.
To feel at peace.


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