About The IamReWilding Movement

and founder Brandy Osborne

It is possible to feel wild and free while living in the day-to-day reality

The IamReWilding Movement is a process and journey for men, women and youth to unite and be guided on a daily journey to reclaim their wild nature. The nature where they are wild and free, calm and clear, present and wise, hopeful and courageous, and daily diligently show up to love, honour and respect themselves.

This is a commitment to a daily practice of returning to a calm, clear and present state while navigating the human experience in the city and the storms of life. I guide our community on a path to ReWild in relationship with self; it involves daily rituals, practices and tools that are gradually given over a year or over a lifetime. It’s a continuous journey that will initiate and develop the character and virtue to become your authentic and unique self.

Just like a tree, there is not one the same. This is a self-liberated, self-love journey. It will be beautiful and enduring and will take you on a path that will take diligence, daily devotion and dedication to become self-fascinated and responsible for your own self-actualization.

Where could you be a year from today if you start to live life with more awareness, intention and devotion to self-discovery and fascination? If you really treated yourself with love, respect and honour? What will it cost you or your family if you do not choose to ReWild and remember who you are, why you are here, and become the lightest, brightest and most reverent expression of yourself?

We are not here to travel alone, we are here to be in packs and communities. To connect on a deeper and more authentic level. This a self-liberation path, and others will be with you, a solo and collective journey. This path will bring everyone back home to peace, love and gratitude within their own company.

It will be a playful pursuit that will also stretch you, challenge you and liberate you to take action in your life. To claim the joy, peace, vitality, and life of your dreams.

If you are uncertain and want to learn more, please accept a complimentary opportunity for a discovery call.

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We have the power with our breath and different tools to claim a calm, present state at will. And when we do, WE WILL change our lives to align with love, honour and respect, and from there, we WILL be a mirror of self-love and responsibility for our family, community and the world.

We will have more fullfillment, vitality, and abundance in our lives. Imagine a life that feels light, free and full of hope, play and curiosity.

When we can learn how to love, respect and honour ourselves, be in all the storms of our life, claim wisdom, hope and courage. We will behave as though everything we say, do, and think matters and that it will create a ripple, a wave, a tsunami that will help decrease the sadness, grief, anger, shame, and depression in the world. It will help the world remember that health and wellness are a choice and action, and we can achieve an embodied state of wild and free as we choose the mountains we want to climb and add our heartled unique gifts to the world.

That feeling of fulfillment is in all of the elemental pillars of our life. A state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual joy, where the endorphins of success, strength, and determination are within us, and we are calm, centred, and present. In this state, we will arrive at the top of our mountain with more energy than ever, surrounded by our community and ready for the next adventure.


Where community and self Rewilding occur daily.

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When we can create peace within ourselves, we will create peace in our community, and this will create peace across the world. -Brandy Osborne

Brandy Osborne

Founder, Elemental Coach, RMT and Heartled Soul

I am Brandy Osborne, and I am the founder of the IamReWilding Movement, The Elemental Being and The Elemental Athlete. I am obsessed and devoted to my human experience and fascinated by the similarities in our stories. I truly am inspired by the multidimensional human experience and how I can be of service, and I love growing alongside other humans that are here to live life to the fullest. Learn through the storms of life and become wise, share, teach and lead others along their path of rewilding and peace.

I help men, women, and young adults come to a place of peace where they can accept and love themselves with reverence.

I provide a system and path to return to their wild nature daily.

I started a ReWilding Movement after I had been using a series of strategies and practices to claim a sense of peace daily.

A couple of years ago, I was attacked by a lover of mine, verbally and physically. This sent me spiralling through a journey of remembering a past rooted in self-betrayal and abuse. A mirroring of society, my family, and the women and men I was witnessing in my life.

I realized I had to forgive many. I had to forgive myself.

I chose reverently and with desperation to reclaim my relationship with myself.

For an entire year and still to this day, the question, “What would love do?” has guided me, liberated me and started a self-revolution of radical authenticity.

While journaling one morning, February 02, 2022 a message came through, “You are going to write a book called, ReWilding in Relationship, A Playful Pursuit to the Instinctual Union.”

I felt the truth of this message,

…a shudder ran through me, and another message came through, “Don’t worry, we will help you.”

That year, I filled 14 journals with my writing, I frequently went to nature to listen to my heart and write what came forward.

Here we are today. I couldn’t wait until the book to share. I started speaking to it. Sharing practices and strategies that were working for me to remain wild in the city.

I hosted my first ReWilding Gathering, and another message came through, this is not a gathering; this is the start of a ReWilding Movement.

When a community starts a ripple of PEACE

within their own sense of being and then shares their newfound peace with others. More join, the community gets bigger and authentic heartled connections are made worldwide.

We not only ReWild ourselves, but we also inspire our families to ReWild, communities to ReWild and together, we create a ripple, a wave, a tsunami as we ReWild the earth and all that inhabit it.

Together we daily, diligently devote ourselves to our liberated pursuit of loving, respecting and honouring ourselves and others.

It’s here a ripple of self-love, respect, and honour becomes a wave of love, compassion, peace and kindness for all.

I believe when we live in a state of peace we are able to hear the truth of our hearts openly.

From here, our own unique heartled expression and creations are discovered by ourselves—divine wisdom from the soul and spirit of our authentic nature; A MUST that arises, and a willingness to step forward with courage and faith to bring more of our unique gifts to the world.

Not only will we make better decisions, but our yes’s and no’s will also be crisp, clear and delivered with love.

When we arrive at peace and a sense of wild and free, we start to rely on ourselves; we stop letting ourselves down and betraying ourselves; it’s an acceptance and realization that it is us that must be our own best friend, coach, ally, lover and leader.

All the people that support our pursuit stay and are inspired by the sense of peace they are feeling and witnessing.

They, too, become ready to pursue a strategy and path to peace, vitality, love and creativity. Play and presence; calm and clear; loving and kind. They, too, become self-responsible and actualize their dreams.

This is a simple system, yet must be done with devotion. No shortcuts. Diligent use of practices to reclaim your wild nature.

A self-actualization dedication to rituals, practices, tools, and strategies with clear, wise, intentional awareness and connection to the great why.

To ReWild ourselves, our community, the world, and earth. To leave a legacy of peace, love and connectivity.

Where all feel, see, hear, sense and remember that all belong and are a part of the whole.

All give and receive. Love.

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