Awaken. Part 1

Awaken–a simple word summarizing the human desire to be one with themselves and the world.

To be awakened is to be present and mindful. It means to see or notice something for the first time and experience a new sensation, emotion or idea arise from it. A beginning to healing one’s mind, body and soul.

The Cocooning Event

A few months ago I organized a cocooning event. During one of the sessions, I went into an awakened state, honored to hold space for my cocooning community: so calm, complete, grateful and ready.

While exploring this state together with my cocooning community we dove into archetypes.

Archetypes in my mind are essentially veils we wear, masks, alter egos. They are “labels” we are giving ourselves. Taking ownership over. Accepting.

What’s an Archetype?

One you may relate to is the “seeker.”

You can look up what Google says it is, or come up with your own definition.

Within each archetype there is your truth. Truth that serves you and the world and truth that is detrimental to you and the world. The seeker can really harness things and opportunities to create and serve their unique gift… content, but inspired.

Or the seeker could never feel satisfied, as what they have is not enough… it never has been. Not content.

This is just an example.

The Seeker Entity Inside Me

As we dove into the concept, we asked ourselves, “What if all you are, all you, all you have experienced is enough?”

What if you are enough? And you still are curious and want to keep pursuing inspiration.

The key is to land at “I am enough.”

The most beautiful part of this is to accept that you have this “being,” this entity, that is a part of you.

Once you are aware, and you dine with it, you empower yourself with choice, acceptance and a deeper love for yourself.

The Cocooning Finale

At the end of that cocooning night we finished with a seated “landing meditation”.

We came into the fabric of our being, into the cellular matrix of our skin sack, where our bones, organs and all things float and are bathed in fluid. The ocean within us, that is breathed, this beautiful current within us.

We landed deeper and deeper, and we softened and expanded.

We landed into a deeper acceptance and love for who we are.

We finished with a song meditation, where we listened and were recalibrated by Ayla Schafer`s music, and we finished with a deep, beautiful group hug.

I am so proud of all the cocooning event participants showing up for themselves and essentially the world.

When we heal, the world heals, our families heal, we welcome in ease and love.

Join our community by checking my feed for upcoming events.

The Epilogue

I am me.

I am you.

I am we.

I am all that I see.

I am connected to all that I am, all that I see, to the space between me and infinity.

I realized long ago that there is this innate connection that cannot be denied.

I think that is why, when I first started practicing as a Sport Massage Therapist, I could easily see myself working with athletes; because there is the wholeness they represent in their movement, in the movement of energy, especially in the connection of the energy within a team.

I saw this in all…in all of WE.

I felt the connection or disconnection in the bodies that laid before me… in their physiology.

I awoke to the sound of my own heart beat when I realized we are all the same, we are all connected, that we need to be connected to our Elemental Beingness.

We needed to awaken the wild, the instinctual, the untamed, the pure, the raw, the sacred parts that reside within and around us.

This interstitial space that is within the space of all things. This connection is where we find our zone. Where we feel floating and whole.

When we land, feel our vibration and feel truly safe, we realize our latent potential.

This energetic current, contained in our sack, our skin, that we bind…we confine.

Slowly we become unwell, full of dis-ease, disconnected from our soul and our spirit.

This is why I created The Elemental Being and The Cocoon here in Kelowna BC.


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I love you and am grateful to be journeying alongside you ~ Brandy❤️

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