My Heart Is My Voice

I felt called to share a little bit about some of the topics and things that we are growing through within my second cocooning series.

I thought that it may inspire and awaken something within our Elemental Being community and create maybe a sense of safety.

The Power Within Me and You

When I use my voice, I’m intently dropping into my heart and sharing what arises.

When I do my Instagram videos I’m hoping that you see what I see within me but I’m also open to you seeing what I don’t see within me and what resonates with you.

I hope you see that I am no different than you.

I hope that you see that I am on a parallel journey with you.

That I am a woman that has had her own life experience and has wisdom to share from it.

Within these Cocooning series and in all the events that I host, I land within me and share from my heart.

I share the lessons, the teachings, from experiences I’ve had from the healing work that I have done. And what is received by whomever attends these events is what is meant for them.

I trust what is NOT meant for them is not received.

I have no expectations.

Our Journey to Wisdom

These teachings are not black and white, there’s only wisdom shared and truth gained and a reflection, a mirror of how we are all the same.

Choosing to share my voice, my energy, to express in this way has come from quite the journey.

I am very proud to have said yes to THIS journey, to have said YES PLEASE to the future that I cannot see.

When I sat back and really took in our cocoon circle, it was such a beautiful scene; to look around at these ladies, connecting, smiling, laughing, crying and expressing.

Learning and practicing to use their voice.

To share their heart.

To share their feelings.

To share their needs.

What a beautiful journey.

Final Thoughts

With this message, I hope that you’re starting to feel the sacred container that is created within The Cocoon, the sacred container within each one of us.

We are here to learn how to honor our Sacred divine nature, how to ask for what we need, how to express ourselves and TRUST we are here to be heard and to be seen.

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I love you into infinity, Brandy

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