Make Love With Your Life

No matter what is going on around you, may you always give with grace and receive with grace.

We are all here because our parents made love, their parents made love, their parents’ parents made love, and all of our ancestors before that.

The Mix Of All That’s You

You are here because you are here. You were born and you took a breath. You rested on your mother’s chest and you took another breath. You are still here and you’re still breathing.

Today and every day, how can you make love with your life?

How can you love all the intricacies of the things that are arriving for you? The intricacies through which you can learn to gain wisdom? Keep your head up, open your eyes, look into your future‘s eyes. Smile, play, flirt. Know that it will work.

Stay devoted to the gift that is you. The uniqueness of your moist soul. Nourish all that is you, including acknowledging yourself by saying, “I see you”. Listen to the moans and cries, burps and giggles, laughs and sighs.

What a beautiful gift to get to witness all of your life.

Touch, feel the warmth, cool, fire, windy, stormy, tsunami of your beautiful bountiful riches, the rainbow of all the experiences that have, are and will come your way.

The Wisdom Within You

Listen deeply to the wisdom of your heart, body, mind and soul. Share your wisdom generously with those that want to grow with you. Teach the world what you have learned from the depths of the blood and grace of your bone marrow.

For we are here to make love with our own life and share our heart with the world.

Almost a year ago, I was sitting under my warm blanket, with coffee in my mug, enjoying the day before Christmas. And I thought to myself, “Wow, look at you now, what a beautiful journey!” To land here right now, on my very own sand, my very own land, my very own soul, spirit, mind and this beautiful safe body. This beautiful vessel that I live in and get to explore so that I can deliver more to a world that needs me now more and more. 

I had begun to embark on the adventure of making love with my life and teaching my community to feel safe and supported to do the same.

About Community And Love

I can’t help but think of all of the beautiful people that have added to my soil/my soul. With a deep gratitude, I am thankful for all the laughs, hugs, giggles, and joy. For the beauty and pure magic of being in their company.

The orchestra and song of our voices and the sound of the room. The aroma of the food , the air, our perfume. This, my friends, is the magic of life, the love we feel when we are around one another. How full our heart and soul are when being with each other.

Let us always keep the above song and dance of life. One where I am me. You are you. And we give ourselves the permission to love us, love our lives, and love one another. 


If we disagree there is no need to leave. Instead we get curious and love more deeply. We listen, and we dance as we hear and feel each other’s words. We keep a soft glance as we explore and stay to know more. We love more deeply as we are with each other, with no need to change, or agree with one another.

A deep curious and compassionate love. I wish you to remain you, to keep landing in your heart, to seek your truth, your light and to always do what is right for you. I wish you to continue making love with your life.

Be you, the magical, authentic, pure, raw, wild and instinctual you. Come back to your roots, to the juices of your soil/soul.

Find the you that is within the space, within the space of your cells, the beat of your heart, the breath you expel.

You are strong. You are wild. You are powerful. You are free.

I love you and I hope with each breath you can feel the pulse of your life, hear her breathing, feel her warmth, for she is a living soul that is yearning for your love and attention.

I am here, I am near, always open and ready to hear from your heart.

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With an open heart, Brandy

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