Pressure Is Privilege

Do you believe that you deserve to receive the pressure that comes with abundance and ambition? What is your relationship with pressure? Does it feel uncomfortable?

Pressure to perform. To show up for your life. To be resilient, and take reverent action to achieve these dreams, ambition, your gifts?

Pressure Is A Gift, And You Deserve It

Do you believe that you deserve to receive abundance? 

Abundance of health. Abundance of joy. Abundance of love. Abundance of money. Abundance of gifts, ideas, dreams, ambitions, drive, focus, creation, fruition, completion, energy for more.

The gift of pressure is the realization that I AM DOING THIS. I get to do this. I get to show up for myself and others. The pressure that comes with honoring and respecting this gift. This idea. This ambition you are pursuing.

Pressure is a privilege. Harness it. Allow it. Feel it. Amplify it with your purpose and your will. You are here to be seen, heard, and to inspire courage for all to chase their dreams.

The Story Behind This Realization

During a winter gathering, I shared this idea of pressure being a privilege with 25 women who gathered to be witnessed as they shared their intentions. To allow themselves, to be themselves and to receive abundance.

To receive their dreams. To receive what they were calling for.

I realized the gift of this life I have lived thus far. I have had the privilege to chase and pursue a gold medal many times with Hockey Canada. I was one of their therapists and I always felt so much deep gratitude for being chosen to link arms with a team.

To have a mission to show up for ourselves and others. To arrive every day with a gold medal performance.

Every team member, staff and athletes, took reverent daily action to do what they needed for themselves to be able to arrive ready for the team.

This on some days could feel like pressure, but I chose to breathe in privilege.

Pressure Is Teamwork

It’s a lot easier to chase ambition, gold, and dreams when it’s a team.

A clear visual of, “I show up for you and you show up for me, and together we will achieve.”

Now, here I am, with all these “gold medals” in me. Asking me to chase them, telling me I deserve to receive them, telling me to claim them and work for them… and I was feeling the pressure of them. These ambitions, dreams, visions all landed in me.

Few months ago during a breathwork session with my community, I embraced that yes, Yes, YEs, YES, these dreams landed in me for a reason. This ambition, this abundance of gifts, this pressure to perform was a privilege.

What gifts have been landing in your heart and trickling up to your mind that you have not chosen to see, to feel, to feel the privilege, the honor in receiving, the honor of the pressure to take daily reverent action to achieve what is meant for thee?

Pressure Is Uncomfortable, But Worth It

Soft. Fuzzy. Easy. Peasy. Give me what I want. 

Is this how one grows wise? Or is it in the eyes of demise? A situation where you must rise, to dig, breathe and show your courage?

It’s in the hard, the uncertain, the not quites, the losses, the second places, the near deaths, the lost jobs, the relationships, the failed exams, arriving late to the game, sleeping in. The project or ambition you have been chasing, working day and night for something that never came into fruition.

These are the gifts.

Choose to say yes to experiences that will push you, pull you, and remind you of who you are: strong, resilient, free to try.

Play play play. Be uncomfortable but with a heart that is open and ready. 

Yes, please! Try, play, give it a whirl. Feel the pressure.

Allow yourself to show up for life and gain some wisdom through the uncomfortable. You have all you need within you, and these are the opportunities that will awaken this latent potential.

Set yourself free!

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With love and reverence, Brandy

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