The Fairytale Of Life

This wisdom arrived crisp and clean six days before I turned 44 in September. 

Can it be possible to open our minds to our ability to live life as if it’s a fairytale? As if Magic could really happen?

The Stop Signs

When we are constrained by our human mind, the challenge is within the stories and attachments around our behaviors.

Around HOW we have been living life. Around how we have been taught to live life. The patterns around all of our experiences and how we have chosen to limit ourselves.

Bring awareness to your choices.

To take action. To not take action.

What stories are attached to these statements?

“It’s going to be hard.”

“I am tired.”


What if we said, “I am tired and I am going to go for a walk anyway.”

“Even though I am scared, I am going to call my employer anyway.”

What if we just chose to “TRY” a different way. A NEW way to us. Just for this moment.

What If The Magic Works?

What if we didn’t look back, didn’t crawl back into the bed we have always made and we just said,

“Today I am going to play, practice, try, explore, do something different.” Say it with no expectation, just witnessing and feeling.

What magic might land when you are not constrained by how it’s always been, how you have always been. We are not here to live life on REWIND. We are here to step forward into a new day, a new hour, a new minute.

All could be instinctual, magical and heart led… if we freed our mind. What would life feel like if you lived your own fairytale? We are OUR change. It’s safe to change. It’s safe to be different this minute. To not look back. To only be here now while looking towards a bright future.

Once Upon A Time I Created My Own Fairytale

I trust in my journey…

Cracks // Alleys // Highways // Trails // Hills // Cliffs // Crevasses // Ravines // Rivers Fields // Meadows Forests // Oceans // Lakes // Deserts // Stairs // Canyons // Hallways // Streets // Playgrounds // Boardwalks Bridges // Roads

All with a delusion of a direction, a story around where to go, when will we arrive, what we will see, a certainty of disappointment with the need to only have glory.

Must we know? Knowing change is part of the journey, can we choose to remain open, clear and trusting all along the way?

Yes, choose a direction, follow your passion, pursue your dream. With the awareness and acceptance of ALL is welcome. Especially the magic of an unforeseeable experience.

See the POTENTIAL yes. See the dark, safe, flat tire, getting lost, accidents, what could happen, TRUTHFULLY. Ponder, prepare on purpose, be discerning. Claim wisdom in the “coulds.”

Remember your inner resources, your family, friends, and community. And CERTAINLY know and trust you are NOT ever fully in control. See the beauty in the paths you never knew would arrive, the beauty you could never have planned, the redirection of a detour how it landed you here.

Can you see that life is unfolding perfectly?

Allow. Trust. You are all you need and you are also surrounded by community.

I am always here for you.

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With love, hope and gratitude Brandy

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