Fierce Love

I truly believe one of the most important Elemental Practices is the practice of fierce love.

This practice brings with it much deep and compassionate awareness of how we are showing up for ourselves.

What Does Fierce Love Look Like?

From the moment we wake up, we have thoughts running through our mind, we choose what to consume when it comes to media, food, cleaning products, air, and so on. Visually, mentally, emotionally, and physically we are consuming and doing something daily.

This fierce love within us helps us set boundaries with self as we go through our daily lives.

Fierce love chooses what we say to ourselves, it chooses to be compassionate and loving when we touch ourselves, it chooses to tell ourselves every day, “I love you and I respect you.”

At the end of the day, this love chooses to apologize to self for the decisions and behaviors that didn’t serve themselves that day. It chooses to do differently tomorrow.

This love  is compassionate; it knows we are human.

The Choice To Love Is Ours

Because of how impactful fierce love is, there is always this magical state of awareness that our choice is our power. We move through life in a shape shifting, mystical, magical, creative and fully awake way.

We cannot expect others in our life to love us fiercely, and consider us wisely with compassion and love, if we do not consider ourselves first. Ideally, we would practice this live daily.

It is so important that we are aware of how we are talking to ourselves, of how we are being and behaving towards ourselves.

The most important person in your life is YOU. The most important person to get to know and love is YOU.

Some symptoms of not loving yourself enough can be being upset at your partner for not touching you, not telling yourself you’re pretty/handsome/hot, not telling yourself thank you. Sometimes, you can be increasingly critical of others and how they are talking to you and treating you.

If you are feeling this way, look inward and ask yourself how you’re treating yourself these days and whether you are considering yourself. The most important person to be open and truthful to you, is YOU.

Getting Your Thoughts Out Of Your Head

I want to first send a shout-out to the inventors of paper, and pens, specifically gel pens!

I’m so grateful that I have this as a conduit for my thoughts. My journal is a healer that brings clarity, supports me, it also works as a counselor, a good friend, a witness to my truth and my creativity.

Every day, I sit down first thing in the morning in a quiet state, in a candle-lit room, with the intention to land into my body, my soul, my heart, to ask for support and to ask for what I need.

My morning journalling

Then I sit and I sip. I wait for whatever needs to be shared to bubble up to the surface. My mind is not digging to try to find the truth. To try to understand myself.

I know when I sit there, I sip, I breathe and I pause, the real truth will bubble up from my heart and into my mind and then it comes out my pen.

This is an Elemental Practice that I do and have done for years.

My journaling shifted when I started writing from my heart. It is now always in third person. It usually starts with something like, “Brandy you need to do this. Or, “Oh, honey, I hear you. I got you, you deserve to feel that way.” Sometimes it’s just a message out to the world, a poem or a short story.

It is not often that I use a statement, but this is something I work on when it comes to limited beliefs or feelings, claiming something like, “I feel betrayed;” “I feel ashamed;” “I feel angry.”

I find it can be very healing and awakening, for example, “I abandoned myself today when I said yes to dinner instead of going to yoga.”

The Elemental Practice

Let me give you an example of a self-exploration writing session.

During an online course I took, I was asked to write down all the things I do not like about myself. I thought I’d get to it right away, but I avoided the task. It took me over a week to sit down, gather my being, and give truthful answers to myself.

After I did it, it was liberating. I invite you to try it, too.

Here is the Elemental Practice of Fierce Love:

  1. Write down the things you dislike about yourself.
  2. Each day understand why you dislike that.
  3. Create a “Fierce Love Playlist,” a checklist. Draw a box first, and then write down what you need to do in the next 24 hours to work on what you dislike about yourself.
  4. Press Play, take action, then check it off the list.
All the journals I filled in 2022

For example, it could be something like, “I don’t like that on busy days I don’t  listen to my body about what kind of nutrition it needs; later I’m not feeling well and I feel stupid for buying junk food.”

My actions items for the next 24 hours could be

  • Find a recipe for a simple homemade meal that is quick to make on busy days or I can make in advance;
  • Find takeout places where I can get the nutritious food my body needs;
  • Tell myself that busy days will happen again and I will buy junk food again, and that is ok;
  • Remind myself that I’m not stupid for being hungry, tired, and looking for an easy meal solution.
  • Acknowledge that I’m enough even when my decisions make me not feel well.

Now the hardest part–implementing this into daily routine and keep working on that list.

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Love yourself with fierce love today and every day ~ Brandy❤️

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