Rewilding Myself and You

I have always been a child of nature, spending time outdoors to nourish and heal my body, soul, spirit, and mind.

Being off the grid by myself has been a tradition that has brought immense joy to my never ending quest to seek connection with myself.

I Am Me

The best investment anyone can make is to find the opportunity to spend solo time with themselves. It’s an ever giving decision resulting in getting to know yourself intimately.

Often, unbeknownst to us as we rush through the days and weeks, we forget to reconnect with our essence. We are distracted by daily chores and responsibilities, by appointments, by time spent connected to our devices and social media, and so many other things packed in our daily schedules.

I believe we all have the desire to be ourselves, to feel and act more authentic, to be honest with themselves, to speak from a place of love and trust. 

So here is my idea of a way to reconnect to your true self again.

Be By Yourself

My chosen method of reconnecting to my inner self is heading off the grid: straight into nature regardless of the season, with no electricity, internet, phone service, and alone for days. Reading and journaling by candlelight, lighting fire for light and warmth, listening to nature, soaking in the sun and wind, going for long walks.

In nature, I simply observe myself through a lens of compassion, empathy, interest, and curiosity. I don’t label the  good, the bad, and the ugly that arises within me, I just am.

But this experience doesn’t have to happen just off the grid.

A stroll around the block in the evening, some peaceful moments by the lake or at a park, sitting in your car for a few extra minutes after you arrive at your destination. Throughout our busy lives, we can cherish these little moments to stop and listen to our inner self.

If you find yourself saying your schedule is so packed even a few minutes a day to yourself is tough to carve out, I hear you and I love you. All I ask is that you think about this approach.

Let me tell you why.

We Grow By Sharing and We Grow Together 

There have been countless times in my life when emotions begin bubbling up around myself, people around me, and everyday things that surround me. These emotions have often been powerful enough to trigger a reaction, and then get projected onto others and myself as anger, resentment, sadness, shame, guilt, and so many other feelings.

Through alone time, off the grid or otherwise, I’ve learned to pause as these emotions arise, and observe.

Where in my life am I not serving myself?

Where am I abandoning myself?

Where can I love myself more?

When these emotions arise, is it something I need support with, or is it something I can do myself?

Often, I’d be hard on myself and project subconscious beliefs that I don’t deserve happiness, love, friendship, acceptance, abundance, or many other things. These beliefs are not usually something that we say to ourselves. They come in different forms, such as actions and inactions. These are just some examples I’ve observed.

Sleeping in when you know that getting up and doing movement would be good for you (I don’t deserve health and happiness).

Lashing out at loved ones for things that we feel affects us (anger towards ourselves for letting ourselves down; saying yes, when we should have said no).

Spending money on things you don’t need (shame of where we are in our lives, feeling a sense of lack).

Structure = Freedom

With all the good intentions I’ve ever had, the biggest reason these intentions have failed was my inability to find the time to pursue them. Not due to laziness or unwillingness to see a positive change. 

Daily life gets in the way of the best of us; it can be demotivational.

So now, I am making preparations.

I sit down with a calendar and create the structure for freedom. Amongst daily responsibilities, I schedule things I want and need to do. Does it always work out? No, but practicing structure allows me to get better at it.

I create happenings involving others and that, too, holds me accountable to follow through with my structure.

And after a while something amazing happens. 

As I do more for me, I crave more for me. I see a glimpse of my true self and I want to see the entire reflection of her. The demotivation is challenged by discovery of the beautiful self I’ve forgotten. 

In these “Wow” moments, I decide to fight for her and bring her to light. My structure becomes my mission. 

Rewilding Myself 

In nature, I lose my mind and find my soul. I find my rhythm again.

That magical time for yourself where you get to reawaken your heartbeat and your own instinctual wild self. Where you find your purpose again. Where you transform into a being that lives in abundance and gratitude.

After years of self abuse, and having experienced abuse at the hand of those close to me, being off the grid by myself has rewilded me into a person that is unapologetically authentic.

My experiences catapulted me into the realm of I MUST fall in love with myself. I MUST consider myself. I MUST remember why I am here. I MUST come back to my true nature. I MUST reclaim safety withIN ME.

I now ask myself often, “What would love do?”

Love would share my story and reach out to you, my reader.

If you need support, please, reach out to me. I am here for you.

I have the capacity, the structure, the tools to support you on your own rewilding journey. I am loving, kind, and fierce. I have the wisdom and compassion to hold space through the entire experience. To witness your transformation. I will embrace your goals and inspire you to also create bigger ones.

Thank you for trusting me!

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Love – Brandy

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