The Elemental Pillars of Life

“Are you going through life? Or growing through life?” Brandy Osborne

Empower Yourself

There was a time when I did not have a good relationship with the word power. I did not want to have power as I thought that meant that I won and others lost.

I realized that in many moments of my life I gave others power over me, over my decisions, and in many different pillars of my life. I empowered THEM instead of empowering MYSELF.

We listen to many people in our life, many that we may or may not have put on pedestals. We have told ourselves they know what is best.

The reality is we must give people around us an opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and beliefs, but ALWAYS know that the choice is ours.

I’m no longer afraid to say, “I have the power and capacity to chase after any dream, ambition and goal!”

Growing or Going?

It’s easy to just go through life, and because we are busy, we feel we are accomplishing big things and we are in power. 

What are you busy doing? What things are you doing daily? Are they taking from you, adding to you, or really having no effect on you? Whose voice directs your daily choices and actions?

When I notice I might be in a situation where I am not empowering myself, I take a closer look at the Elemental Pillars of life: 

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Network
  • Wellness
  • Faith
  • Self care
  • Finances
  • Legacy

I ask, “Within these pillars, is there room to grow, to expand, to remove the constraints that I have put on myself?”

Choose growth! Even if it’s a little bit at a time, life feels free, joyful, and abundant when we are growing daily.

Take Down The Ceiling.

Is it time to look at the life you are creating? The ceilings you have built around the Elemental Pillars of your life?

Is it time to remove the constraints, the ceilings, the limitations you have put on yourself?

As you’re reading this, and in the following days, please, do yourself a favor.

🌱Consider yourself.

🌱Consciously consider the restraints you have put on yourself.

🌱Why have you put them there?

🌱What are you afraid of?

🌱How can you create room to grow and expand in your life?

Project Much?

Projections are common, and they are not always something we want to accept. We may not want to look at where we are playing a role in how people act in our presence and what experiences are arriving in our lives.

Projections can come from fear. Fear of getting hurt, conflict, pain, and many different experiences that we do not want in our life.

These projections usually can arrive in the Elemental Pillars of our life that we are not fulfilled in. We may be projecting, or another word, planning (unconsciously) an experience or expectation in our lives.

For instance, if we have fear around our financial Elemental Pillar, such as fear of running out of money, we may start behaving in an unhealthy way that creates that. An example would be spending money we don’t have, calling in sick, going further into our line of credit, living in denial and not taking responsible action to gain fulfillment and control in this pillar.

What has been your experience when you look at your current life, past life, and future life?


Bring in the Elemental Practice of Projection Awareness.

1) What fears or undesired experiences are you projecting/planning?

2) What do you need to accept about yourself?

3) What behavior can you adopt, continue and stop to make a shift?

4)What truths, needs, fears do you need to share? With whom? When?

5) What support do you need?


Harness these Elemental Practices to bring awareness, acceptance, action, reflection and growth into your life.

Feel the power you have to make the changes you need and want to see in your life. 

If you feel ready to dive deeper into yourself, your values, your pillars and gain fulfillment in your life, and need support, I’m here for you

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I love you and am grateful to be journeying alongside you ~ Brandy❤️

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