Have Time

There is a gift we all get.

Not one of us has more of it;

Or less of it.


It comes into each and every moment.

Sometimes it can feel heavy.

Sometimes it feels light.

Sometimes it is all we need.

Sometimes it is more than enough.


Gratitude is a common felt sense, when you have it.

Sadness and fear when you don’t.


Yet, you always have it.

Until you don’t.


With some friends, family, animals, nature, etc.

You wish you had more.

Sometimes you wish you had no more.

As if to run out, and share a simple farewell.


It can be a lover, friend, ally.

Or a tormentor, enemy or foe.


This poem, like most of my writings, came to me one morning as I sat down and allowed words flow through me and onto the pages of my journal.

To talk about time is like talking about love–it is always relevant as it is all around us, and we can talk about it in many shapes and forms.

Today, I’m trying something new.

New shape and form to my writings.

I invite you to visit my blog to read more about what it means to have time. As I’m growing and learning how to talk about and introduce my Elemental Practices, I realized a separate blog feels like the natural next step.

If the messages I’ve shared so far relate to you, if you find them useful and helpful, please, consider to subscribe to my new blog and stay in touch for all future articles.

I’m also more focused on publishing content on my Youtube channel. To see, hear and feel are crucial to all my Elemental Practices and having a visual format to my messages is important to me.

You can watch all of my videos, or click here to watch the latest video on Have Time.


I love you and am grateful to be journeying alongside you, Brandy

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