Success Is Showing Up

Yes, yes, yes, success is showing up. Showing up for your life. Giving it what you have.

Be raw, be pure, be authentic, free yourself from your expectations and never stop being present in your life.

It’s Scary To Show Up

Back in February my mom had a heart attack and it was awakening, scary, and saddening, among so many more emotions that flooded my mind and body. It was hard to show up. It felt like a piece of me was lost; I still feel off. She is still alive and will hopefully be for years but the experience shook me to the core.

We all have days where we question why show up, or can I show up how I need to; doubt, fear, and many more emotions can come up.

But show up just as you are. Remember to be love. Love yourself. Do your best. Never stop learning. Remember who you are. Remember your character, your values and how you are in the world.

Be love.

Be fierce.

Be kind.

And always respect you and others by listening and being kind and compassionate.

Some Sentences To Activate Awakening

Whenever I feel slipping into old behavioral and thought patterns, I remind myself who I am, where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. I repeat the sentences below, ponder on them if it feels there is some heaviness lingering within me. I invite you to go through these sentences and witness what arises within you as the words enter your mind.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper or your journal, your laptop or tablet, or even open a recording app on your phone to capture your thoughts and insights as you go through these sentences.

Success is showing up.

Where are you not showing up?

What fears do you need to release to claim freedom?

What patterns, thoughts, behaviors are not yours but you are claiming?

Can you awaken, accept, and say thank you, farewell and claim “behold I make all things new?” (thank you to Paul Selig and the guides for this last line).

Can we say I am no longer in alignment with that behavior, story, etc. and kindly and compassionately say thank you and farewell?

“Permission to change your mind” (this is a wisdom from Hilary Hraefn Porter).

Even though in the past I experienced anxiety around ….(this said thing)…. I am not anxious anymore.

I am calm and I appreciate my journey.

I release any fears and anxiety associated with my mom, aunts, uncle, dad, teacher etc.

I receive and create calm, centered, clear and loving energy.

Even though I feel….(claim your emotion)….I am claiming freedom, financial abundance, trust, surrender, love, courage, strength, compassion, etc.

Showing Up By Not Showing Up

Sometimes showing up is choosing to not engage in people, patterns or behaviors that are serving no one. Walk away. Say no thank you, no more. Show up and be fierce, loving and compassionate towards yourself.

Share your truth. Never abandon yourself. Stay in your heart and let it share your truth. You are here to be seen, heard and fully witnessed. Show up for the little one inside you.

Yes, please, to the gift of claiming courage to share our stories and our voice, without fear or regret. Only we can share what we have learned along the path we have chosen to take.

Has it been hard to show up lately? How are you?

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I see you, I feel you, I am you, reach out please if you ever need anything,


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