Allow Light

Our light is our energy, our source of creation.

We are the creators of our life and when we can shine light on everything within us and around us we allow ourselves to receive abundance.

Light Brings Abundance

When I speak of allowing light in your life, I’m talking about allowing yourself to accept who you are–all of you–and allow your authentic self shine through your words, thoughts and actions.

Allowing more of this accepting energy into yourself comes with an abundance of opportunity, intuition, and energy to chase your dreams. You start to truly be able to bring light into your world. Positive energy and a belief that anything is possible.

How can you then bring that into your life and shine light out of yourself and into your world?

Gravitate towards what feels like joy, like bliss. Follow this feeling and flow with what feels good. Stay authentic to what truly feels like YOU.

Consider This…

As you set your intentions to discover what joy and bliss mean to you, and how they show up in your life, I give you the following questions to consider.

  • What behavior do I need to adopt, continue and stop?
  • Who do I need to tell?
  • Who do I need support from?
  • What do I need to say yes to and no to?
  • If I don’t do this, how will it affect my life?
  • If I do this, how will it affect my life?

An Example From My Life

One way I allow light in my life is through community and connections. This is where I feel safe to be my authentic self, this is my place of joy and bliss.

I wrote in my journal, “You can be whole on your own and desire connection and community.” As much as I enjoy alone time, I find purpose and hope when I’m among people. To deny myself opportunities to connect to others shows up in my body as feeling off.

As a Healthcare Provider, I support others all day. I listen to their needs, what is ailing them and I provide insights into how they can help themselves. Once in a while I realize that I support others so much, I begin to feel segregated and deprived, yearning to connect with the community.

The solution for me was to create a safe environment within my own four walls to welcome my family, friends, and colleagues. And with this, to also create a safe environment where I can be my authentic self.

You Deserve Your Light

You deserve whatever you value, need, and desire. If it brings joy to you, be the one that chooses to take action to create the life you want.

I invite you to explore what feels like you, and think about ways to create space in your life for yourself.

You can be you and be loved for it; because you are enough the way you are and I’m willing to bet there are plenty of people around you who would agree with that.

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I love you, Brandy❤️

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