My Body Is My Tapestry

What ties are binding you? I was journalling the other day and it was this beautiful vision of my body being a tapestry.

A tapestry from all the love, laughter, pain, shame, guilt, fear, abundance, joy and many other feelings or experiences from all of my life and my family’s life experiences.

Weaving My Life

With this tapestry I am weaving there are also these strings that are not woven in yet.

Strings that I had chosen to give or tie to different people and their behavioral tendencies. Or to experiences that I have had or I think I am going to have; this is called fear.

Fear of the past experiences repeating itself, fear of experiencing fear again. Or fear of what experiences I might have.

There was a time where I visualized this as people in my life having puppet strings on me. But the truth is I gave them the string to pull and tug on me.

Look deeper into the self-serving tendencies of why we tie these strings to these beings and their behavioral tendencies.

What ties are you ready to unravel?

If you are not ready, what part of you is afraid to be free? You can dive deeper with the elemental leaders in your community as we explore the concept of “ties that bind me”.

Own Your Truth And Behaviors

As I’m preparing for my Cocooning 3.0 Homecoming event that begins on November 13, this image of a body being a tapestry seems more relevant. The strings that make us and bind us to ourselves and others.

In the past cocooning events, the participants dove into who they were and the potential discrepancy between the self they showed themselves and the one they showed others. We looked into the self they showed to their families and the self they have had a history with, and then looked at who they showed themselves and the words they said in their minds about themselves.

This experience awoke me to the idea and realization of my own behaviors I need to look at. My own strings that make up the tapestry of my body. 

And I realized that if this is my experience, it is most likely the experience of others around me.

Let’s Go Back To The Roots

Back in high school someone would be nice to someone’s face and then they leave and that same person says to you, “What an idiot!” My response would be instantly that I can’t trust this person.

Same goes for ourselves. We can want to be seen as smart and portray that, but if in our mind we are telling ourselves we are stupid, can we trust ourselves? We all have the opportunity to see if this discrepancy exists in us. To see these strings that make up us.

This is something we NEED to invest awareness and time into. To accept parts of ourselves, how we are communicating to others and how we are communicating about them behind closed doors. Awareness of how we are communicating to ourselves, how we are talking to ourselves in our own mind.

When we are out in public and when we are around different people we can put on this veil, a mask and pretend or placate or posture in a way that “shows” what we want to be seen. It’s time to look into what’s under the mask. 

This is why I design my cocooning events in a safe space, with activities and experiences that allow all participants to delve deep into themselves, accept themselves, and allow them to give the same kindness and acceptance back to their community.

Embrace The Art Of Truth Telling

We must tune in, tap in, land in, and be embodied within ourselves in every moment of our life. But most of all when we need to go digging. When we need to dig up the things that we have buried within us.

These things can be a symptom of pain in our body, of indigestion, a fogginess, a twitching in the eye, tingling in fingers, or numbness. The lack of feeling anything. Or the amplification of all feelings.

The gift is ours to give. The gift of our time. Every day we make a choice of who to give our time to. Who to give our attention to. Who to give OUR truth to.

I encourage you all to choose to reserve time for yourself, time to go digging in your soil/soul and feel into the areas where you have buried memories, buried feelings, buried these truths. This can be fun. Just like a child playing in a sandbox.

You go to your sandbox/your soil/soul and you just start digging and being. Nothing, no thing matters at that moment except playing in the sandbox. And you start exploring, and sometimes you find things, and when you do you allow yourself time to see them, to feel them, to explore them.

You choose whether you want them to reside within your sandbox, your soil, your soul or if it’s something that you want to dissolve, to remove, to no longer store.

Why Cocoon in November?

I think right now, in this dark season, it’s very important to dive into our own minds, our own behaviors. Be aware of how we are communicating and behaving and if it’s in alignment with where we want to be in our lives, with how we want people to treat us in our lives.

If we want to bring in more love, acceptance and authenticity, we must make sure that we are communicating, behaving and embodying that within ourselves. To become who we want to be.

These cocooning events happen because I have a dream.

My dream is that you and your own community of friends and people you want to grow with, choose to create time to sit with each other, to witness each other and to journal upon and share your answers to these questions.

Wouldn’t that be amazing–community, connection, love and support–we need this now more than ever.

When we not only tell ourselves the truth in writing, in our own mind, but we tell others our truth, we allow ourselves to be witnessed. This can shine a beautiful light on it. It can feel like freedom, like flight, like delight.

Do the brave thing and spend time on yourself, get to know yourself.

If you’d like to explore your body’s tapestry and delve deeper into some truths, I’ve created a free worksheet you can download and print to guide you through The Elemental Practice Of Truth Telling. If you have a journal, or any other place/space where you keep your thoughts, you might want to add this worksheet to your ponderings and reflect back to it as you grow and evolve. 

Find your worksheet here: The Elemental Practice of Truth Telling.

For more inspiration and tips, follow The Elemental Being on Instagram.

May love and gratitude surround you, Brandy

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